Resource Driven Messages in ASP.NET Core

Ever wanted to allow native country error messages from your ASP.NET Core api?

Posted on 03 December 2018

Playing with C# 7 - Deconstruct

Looking at how newer language features allow for extension of types to add Deconstruct functionality.

Posted on 23 October 2018

ASP.Net Core default route on startup

Started a new ASP.Net Core API application and want to default to a different route? Read on to find out how.

Posted on 18 October 2018

Where Should I Put My Logic?

Do you have logic in your constructors as well as duplicated through your class definitions. Explore the options to add consistency into your code.

Posted on 04 October 2018

Span<T> - byte to int conversions - Update

Updating the Span conversion examples with the updated API

Posted on 13 September 2018

Strategy Pattern with Full Generic Contraints

Implementing the strategy pattern with generics to improve consistency of code base.

Posted on 19 July 2018

ASP.NET Core Exploring Custom Middleware

Exploring creating and consuming custom middleware in ASP.NET core and it's configuration

Posted on 10 July 2018

Strategy pattern with enum constraints

Strategy pattern implementation options with enum generic constraints

Posted on 08 June 2018

ASP.NET Core and the Strategy Pattern Continued

Building on the previous post about implementing the strategy pattern in ASP.NET Core to harness SOLID design.

Posted on 06 June 2018

Accessing FitbitAPI in dotnet core and Refit

Using the Refit Rest client library to access the Fitbit Web Api

Posted on 12 May 2018

Fitbit.NET ASP.NET Core Webhook Preview Released

Fitbit Subscription Webhook based on the new ASP.Net Core Webhooks library

Posted on 01 May 2018

ASP.NET Core WebHooks - Mini Series

Links for the ASP.NET Core WebHooks mini series

Posted on 07 April 2018

ASP.NET Core and the Strategy Pattern

Using ASP.NET Core Dependency Injection to wire up a strategy pattern implementation to harness SOLID design.

Posted on 03 April 2018

ASP.NET Core WebHooks - Running The Github Webhook Locally

Running the aspnetcore Github webhook locally.

Posted on 17 March 2018

Mocking the Clock

Reducing the coupling of code dependent on DateTimeOffset

Posted on 15 March 2018

ASP.NET Core WebHooks - Secret Values

Looking at the secret values and how they work to allow for the AzureAlertWebHook webhook to process.

Posted on 16 February 2018

ASP.NET Core WebHooks - Running the AzureAlertWebHook

Running the ASP.NET Core Webhooks project locally and debugging the AzureAlertWebHook end point.

Posted on 13 February 2018

ASP.NET Core WebHooks - Building repository locally

Looking at getting and building the ASP.NET Core Webhooks project on your development machine.

Posted on 11 February 2018

Should I use Nullable bool?

Posted on 30 January 2018

Why I love Resharper 1

Posted on 19 January 2018

Span<T> - byte to int conversions

Posted on 06 January 2018