Removing IOptions From Your Strongly Typed Configuration in Azure Functions

Want to strongly type your configuration but don't like IOptions? Let's take a look how to do this in Azure Functions.

Posted on 13 April 2021

Azure Functions Not Loading My Dependencies, What Have I Missed?

My dependencies and configuration weren't being loaded into my new Azure Function application, what did I miss?

Posted on 06 April 2021

Why won't you load my configuration Azure Functions?

Loading configuration from local.settings.json didn't work how I was expecting it to so had to extend the start up to load structured configuration from appsettings.json

Posted on 30 March 2021

Harness Azure CLI to Keep Your App Service Name

In this post we walk through the steps I used to delete and recreate an Azure App Service under a different App Service Plan using the Azure CLI so that I could keep the * name for consistency.

Posted on 23 March 2021

Subscription is not registered to use namespace Microsoft.AzureActiveDirectory

A brief walk through how to use Azure AD B2C when your subscription is not setup to use the provider.

Posted on 02 March 2021

Default .NET 5.0 WeatherForecastController as an Azure Function

Looking into what it would take to implement the default aspnet web api template WeatherForecastController as an Azure Function.

Posted on 23 February 2021

Controlling The Logging Levels in Azure Functions

Looking into controlling the logging levels in Azure Functions.

Posted on 16 February 2021