Becoming a Remote Worker - The New Normal (end of week 12)

The New Normal

Published on 06 June 2020

I'm already starting to dislike the phase "the new normal". What is "the new normal"? Everyone keeps going on about "the new normal" but it's just the current normal. The current situation will change and evolve. But so does life normally and when something changes people don't say "the new normal" normally.

Now don't get me wrong when something dramatic happens to someones life their normal changes. This has happened a number of times to me already in my life, such as getting married, the birth of my first child and obviously the birth of my second child but it's still now "the normal", not "the new normal", it's just my "now" normal instead of my last years "now normal".

What is "normal" anyway? Everything changes. It impacts people in different ways and everyones "normal" is different. It's safe to say that there is no such thing as "normal" however people assocate "normal" as comforting and on the whole they want to be "normal".

No one will disagree everyones "normal" has changed and because it's changed with everyone else this new phase will be about for a while.

As I get to the end of the 12th week of being a remote worker this is now my "normal". It doesn't feel strange getting up in the morning, making a cup of coffee, turning my laptop on and saying "Morning!" in the company group chat channel. There has either already been a round of "Morning"s to the early starters or mine starts it off. This is the same as if we were in the office and saying hi in the kitchen while we make a cuppa to start our day as people drift in at various times.

Over the next few weeks my "now normal" will evolve as the kids start back at nursery and school, but that will be the "normal", it won't be the "new normal".

How will my "normal" change over the next few weeks/months? The kids will be back at school/nursery and my wife will be back at work. My work "normal" will continue to be as a remote worker. I don't think I will be back in the office any time soon. If I'm honest there is no need to be. I've got the tools to continue to communicate and be productive. I'm very lucky!

What is your "new normal" or "now normal"? Are you adjusting to your "normal"?

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Stay home, keep safe!