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End of Year Review 2021

This page is intentionally left blank.

Posted on 31 December 2021

Becoming a Remote Worker - Month 21+

21 Months on and reflecting at Christmas Eve

Posted on 24 December 2021

Deploying an Azure Static Web App with Pulumi as a Beginner

Heard of Pulumi but never played? Written a new Azure Static Web App but unsure on how to deploy it to Azure? A complete beginner to Infrastructure as Code? Let's explore these scenarios together!

Posted on 13 December 2021

Why I love Resharper 3

Learning new language features can be hard. Applying them can be tricky. How does Resharper aid with filescoped namespaces?

Posted on 09 December 2021

Runtime Dependency Resolution Using AutoFac in .NET 6 Isolated Azure Functions

Need to specify a dependency at runtime in an Azure Function? Can it be done?

Posted on 30 November 2021